If you'd like to use OUR tracks in your Commercial, Image Film, Social Media or any other project, We'd be more than happy to help you do so! Just fill out the form below and we'll guide you through the process, it's easy.


Question: May I use one of your recordings in my YouTube video?

Yes, we have no objections to you using our recordings in your YouTube video, provided the following three conditions are met: 

1. The video itself is not an advertisement.
2. You are not monetizing the video.
3. You give us credit in the description.

Good practice for giving credit is to include the song name, artist name, and a hyperlink to httpS://www.balduinmusic.com. if you use our tracks in your videos, you might see a content ID match. don't worry, it's not a copyright strike. It simply means our recording was detected and we may receive Some of the revenue from the ads that YouTube displays in connection with the video.

Question: Can I also use a balduin remix which was released on a label other than “Balduin Music” on my channel?

Regarding remixes we have done for other artists, you would need to check with those artists or their Labels.