Hi, we are Balduin.

We met in 2015 and founded a songwriter, production, and DJ duo which we call "Balduin". Since then, we have been captivating fans of Electro Swing, Neo Swing, Swing Pop and related genres with our songs. Our music has been enjoyed by over 30 million people on streaming platforms like Spotify and has been featured in advertisements by Apple, Google, and Samsung.

Personally, we are like Yin and Yang: Benedikt is the eccentric multi-instrumentalist who loves to enthrall the audience with his DJ- and live saxophone performances. And Martin is the introspective sound designer, always striving for the perfect sound in the studio. Together we love to make electronic music with vintage vibes. 

We really appreciate your interest in our music and are grateful for every one of you who enjoys and supports our musical journey. 🙏


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Sometimes numbers speak louder than words...

+ Over 170k monthly listeners on Spotify with more than 30M Streams

+ Over 10k followers on Instagram

+ Live shows in Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Egypt

+ "Balduin Live" is a One-Man-Show: Benedikt performs as a DJ and plays Saxophone as well

...does our music make you wanna dance too?